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Hike Tasmania's Maria Island

Hike Tasmania’s Maria Island

Discover the fascinating convict history of Maria Island on a four-day walking adventure which gives you time to appreciate the many different aspects of this beautiful and historically significant destination. On this trip, you’ll spot wombats as you explore convict ruins, spend the night in World Heritage-listed accommodation that once served as a prison cell for convicts, challenge yourself with full day walks, or take it easy on scenic strolls around the island. This tour delivers a breath of fresh air, wildlife spotting opportunities galore, and walks for every age and ability.


  • Hobart – Maria Island Ferry
  • Maria Island – Penitentiary Dorm Accommodation
  • Maria Island – Mount Bishop & Clerk Summit Hike
  • Maria Island – Painted Cliffs Hike
  • Maria Island – Four Mile Beach visit
  • Maria Island – Soldiers and Bloodstone Beaches hike
  • Maria Island – Haunted Bay Hike
  • Maria Island – Oast House visit
  • Maria Island – Hike to Darlington


  • Learn about the history of Maria island which operated as a penal station from 1825 and 1832 and housed convicts working in industries including timber-cutting, tanning, shoe-making and cloth production.
  • Enjoy a selection of walks from the stunning Mount Bishop and Clerk Summit hike to the Soldiers and Bloodstone Beaches hike – all tailored to the abilities and willingness of your group.
  • Experience an unforgettable night in the Penitentiary Dorm, comfortable shared accommodation that was once used as a prison cell for convicts
  • Each group is guided by 2 experienced and professional guides who also whip up hearty meals, starting from each day’s breakfast, through to picnic style lunches and a big dinner every evening.
  • Enjoy walks along remote and beautiful beaches, where Oyster Catchers and Hooded Plovers dance along the beach and Pacific Gulls and Black Swans float restfully in the bay.

04/02/2023 through 12/22/2024
04/02/2023 through 12/25/2024

Day 1 Hobart to Maria Island
Day 2 Maria Island
Day 3 Maria Island
Day 4 Maria Island to Hobart

05/10/23 - 05/13/23

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